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Discover a board portal that streamlines decision-making by establishing a shared, secure space for board directors to access board documents and collaborate with other directors.

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A Paperless Board Meeting Management Solution

Smart Board is a powerful, paperless, collaborative meeting organizer that enables you to plan, schedule, and execute board meetings efficiently. It is a simple, flexible, and unified platform that allows you to add more than 400 board members and maintain each meeting detail in a single dashboard without any hassles. Its intuitive interface is what makes it perfect for organizing productive meetings in an efficacious manner.

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Key Benefits

Board meetings have to be well-informed, efficient, and simple and with SmartBoard, Board members have a simple way to strengthen governance, and decision-making and gain valuable insights.

  • Improve The Quality Of Your Meetings With Cybrain's User-friendly solution, you can efficiently assist your board and streamline meeting preparations.
  • Boost Performance Streamline your board meeting procedures to save time preparing for Meetings and concentrate on more crucial activities.
  • Increase Sustainability Reduce the cost of paper, printing, document binding, and courier services to increase cost savings and improve sustainability.
  • Increased Productivity Initiate teamwork, boost board performance, and enable directors who are based in distant places to join meetings electronically.
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Discover Smart Board Modules

Streamline and automate your board processes.

Meeting Centre

Schedule meetings and automate reminder messages with SmartBoard. The attendees can check the meeting agenda and details by clicking on the date of the scheduled meeting to direct meetings, notices, and conversations to the right groups without clogging up everyone else's schedule.

Agenda Builder

Quickly creates and distributes meeting agendas tagged with supporting documents so that board members have the information and resources they require to participate effectively.

Calendar Interface

Propose dates and times using our calendar interface. Through easy to use interface you can simply select your preferred time frames to schedule the meeting.

Add groups/members

Add members with designation selectively or the right group of attendees by creating member groups and establishing unique team structures.

Minutes Builder

The minutes builder streamlines your workflow by allowing you to create minutes directly in SmartBoard. As the meeting progresses, make notes, assign tasks, manage attendance, and mark moves with ease.


Engage with fellow board members during meetings through real-time chat and highlight the decision-making conclusions via voting.

Resolution documents

SmartBoard allows Invitees to review and revise the decisions made in the meeting through tagged resolution documents.

Members Portal

Accept or reject the meeting invite or send a substitute attendee for the scheduled meeting. SmartBoard provides a temporary account for the guest attendant.

Features of Website/Mobile App for Users


  • Create an agenda using a variety of simple features.
  • Add documents supporting or explaining the agenda.
  • Real-time and last-minute updates can be accommodated instantly.


  • Easy note-taking, note-sharing, voting, or poll.
  • Use flexible conversations and logical instant messaging to collaborate in real-time.
  • A comprehensive overview of the status of the agenda items, votes, and resolutions, as well as one-tap tracking.


  • Create, review and digitally approve paperless minutes of meeting.
  • Keep track of action items, their due dates, and a thorough display of their status.
  • Upload or attach the meeting documents.
  • Find the earliest and most recent meeting documents with one-tap archival and several search options.
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