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About Cyber School Manager

Cyber School Manager is a custom-made software solution developed for schools to streamline administrative operations and digitalize academic processes.

It acts as a central dashboard where all the stakeholders- principals, management, teachers, and parents can access any important information, anytime. With the help of this software, principals can oversee and manage all activities taking place both inside and outside the school's boundaries, parents can stay informed about their children's performance, teachers can devote more time to teaching and student progress, and management can easily handle all the complex and time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Key Benefits

Streamline your school's operations and increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Easily accessible Accessed using any PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet across any location.
  • Several Branch Access all of your branches from one account.
  • Support for Multiple Kids A single account allows parents to access the profiles of several children.
  • Access for all roles The app is open to management, educators, students, parents, and employees.
  • Data analysis and operations Enhance operational effectiveness and data analysis on a mobile device.
  • Efficacious Communication Features that are dynamic for powerful and efficient communication management.
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Discover Modules

Discover the Range of Powerful Features.

Inquiry and Registration Module

Add, manage, and react to inquiries and registrations with the Inquiry management and registration module. Our simple and effective module will assist you with all the tasks related to a campus's student inquiry and registration procedure.

  • Admin can add, and edit single or bulk inquiries.
  • Online registration through integrated payment gateway.
  • Complete data digitization and auto-fill data feature to cap manual efforts.
Admission Module

Simplify and fasten the admission process through Cyber School Manager’s Online Admission. From creating unique forms with attachments to facilitating the paperless admissions process, it covers all the admission needs of educational institutions.

  • Automatic fee structure setup specific to each student and availed facilities.
  • Cashless form of fee collection through the Integrated payment gateway.
  • Export applicants’ data in school records automatically.
Transport Module

Cyber School ManagerTransportation Module gives a speedy and secure way to manage transport along with tracking the location of all your school vehicles that ferry students to and from the school.

  • Save the important bus details, seating capacity, and fuel consumption, along with its insurance renewal reminders.
  • Dashboard for the administrator to provide visual sight of the pick-up and drop-off routes, times, vehicle speeds, distance traveled, and stops.
  • Manage bus timetable, bus routes, and route charges.
  • Amplify student safety with real-time GPS tracking.
  • Parents can access the live location of their child's school vehicle on their smartphone.
Fee Management Module

Manage a dynamic number of fee categories in a convenient manner with the Fee management module.

  • Fees can be handled monthly/by monthly/quarterly/ annually.
  • Add as many fee heads as your institution need.
  • Manage refundable heads and discounts given to specific students in the form of Academic Scholarships, Category discounts, financial assistance References, School Staff Kids, Student Reference, etc.
  • Collect fee cashless through integrated payment gateway solution.
  • Receive and manage fee entries with student name, and data.
  • Reports on fees that include the total amount still owed, the amount paid thus far, the amount due, the amount refunded, and the amount granted as a discount can be prepared.
Account Management Module

Plan, monitor budget expenditure, control the flow of money in and out of your institute and regulate your profits conveniently through the Account management module.

  • Generate financial reports and summaries.
  • Income & Expense reports can be generated to regularize the costs and make desired profits to achieve future goals.
  • Manage and create account ledgers, Balance sheets, Income Expenditure, & cashbooks/daybooks.
Payroll Management Module

Maintain the salary of teaching and non-teaching staff with the payroll management module.

  • Generate salary data based on attendance, appointment date, etc.
  • Generate Appointment letter, TDS, and Electronic Challan cum Return report.
  • Track attendance of staff members as the module is integrated with a biometric or card reading machine in one or multiple branches of the school.
Time-table Module

Create timetables easily and quickly with Time table module of the cyber school manager. It automatically generates a timetable through a saved database of teachers and thus reduces the efforts of administrative staff.

  • Decide on the number of continuous lectures on the same subjects or with the same teacher.
  • Manage lecture reservations, combined classes, Class lockin,g, etc.
  • Check on teachers' availability and manage proxy Periods of teachers through the substitution feature.
  • Drag and drop feature for manual editing of the timetable.
  • Allocate rooms, and labs to avoid clashes among different classes.
Library Management Module

Manage online and offline book distribution to students through Cyber School Manager library management software.

  • Identify the availability of offline books.
  • Access the online books or request issues for offline books through the app.
  • Manage return requests, late returned books, or assign a late fee charge through the library module.
Hostel Module

Cyber School manager provides a cutting-edge cloud-based hostel management system for paperless operations.

  • Manage detailed student profile (Student information, hostel allotted, the room allotted, etc) with hostel lifecycle.
  • Manage hostel fees and other financial data like expense, wallet, etc with specificity.
  • Maintain hostel staff or warden record with their profile.
Inventory Management Module

Maintain and manage inventory in one place with the Inventory Management module.

  • Admin can design and manage Items (such as Stationery, Uniforms, and Books) which institute need to provide to students and/or faculties.
  • View the vendor history.
Examination and result module

Generate report cards with one click through the examination and result module.

  • Enter grades or numbers for co-scholastic and scholastic results respectively.
  • The teacher app allows multiple teachers to enter marks of their subject.
  • Report cards are generated in accordance with the boards' guidelines.

Our Prestigious Schools

More than 250 schools have chosen our school management software to manage their operations efficiently. It is our goal to be the leading school management app out there. To ensure our users receive the most effective digital education service, we constantly focus on providing out-of-the-box solutions that increase operational productivity. Discover some of our satisfied school clients here.

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