Cyber Club Manager

A highly flexible Club management software that can help clubs from mid-sized to large-size properties automate the entire gamut of operations with maximum ease.

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Cyber Club Manager

If you are a club owner looking to expand your member base and increase revenue, it is time to change your current practises and implement a specific change by adopting an automated method to manage your club's operations. The cyber club manager is a comprehensive web-based solution that handles all aspects of running a club, including member administration, attendance tracking, member billing, outlet sales, event planning, inventory management, and back-office accounting, all in one place. The club manager mobile application is web-enabled, thus allowing the members the flexibility of availing of the club's facilities using a smart card as a customer ID.

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Key Benefits

Use cyber club management software to describe the internal structure, personnel, financial information, member information.

  • Efficient member Management- Track your expanding member data, create an infinite number of club memberships, manage monthly subscriptions and accept walk-in visitors effortlessly from a simple interface.
  • Event Scheduling- Effortlessly manage the booking, invoices, quotes, and schedules for any planned concerts and events with an online event registration tool .
  • Online payments- Members can now make payments, and view and pay for outstanding charges, invoices, or statements while on the move.
  • Auto alerts and push notifications- It will notify members of any past-due bills, forthcoming occasions, future renewals, etc. using auto alerts, push notifications, or in-app messaging.
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Our Unique Modules

Optimize the management of your club services.

Billing Module

The billing system, which is entirely secure and can be coupled with the management system for biometric identification, is used to handle all restaurant and facility usage bills. The billing module offers a rigorous audit record of all billing-related data changes and allows for the user-friendly management of powerful billing operations.

Room Booking

Online booking platform facilitates automated booking without any manual effort. Choose the types and quantity of rooms that are a part of the offering, accept reservations for these rooms and monitor reservations, cancellations, check-ins, check-outs, and room services in one place.

Accounting and Financial Module

The Cyber club manager accounting and financial module eliminate human intervention as all transactions taking place in the club can simply be exported to Tally ERP with just a tap of a button. Along with managing the annual and monthly subscription charges, the software also has the potential to prepare account heads for new members who have been added to the club management software.

Restaurant and Bar Module

Restaurant and bar Module allows the manager to manage the menu, rates of the food or bar items, and billing. Managers can record sales, and consumption of specific items and maintain the member-wise sale report.

Reception Module

The Cyber Club Manager ERP provides members with a variety of smart cards that may be used to verify members and guests and grant access to club amenities. The cards can also be used to provide consumers with credit services or a cash-on-card option. The reception module helps users to recharge, top up their cards, and also maintains a daybook of the data for the club managers.

Payroll Management Module

The club can specify the different sorts of employees it has and their salaries and wages, thanks to the employee payroll management function. The function gives a facility to process the monthly wage information and track employee attendance, overtime, staff advances ESI, EPF, and staff advance recoveries. For employee identification, the biometric handprint reader is connected to the attendance management system.

Stock and Inventory Module

The Cyber club manager enables monitoring of purchases, problems, and stock transfers, and keeps track of the club's inventory. Multiple stores and the things, defined by the club can be monitored through this module. To increase stock tracking, the shops can eventually be connected to the restaurant or bar facilities.

Feature For Website/Mobile App

    For the Members

  • Recharge the smart cards through the app or web panel that is integrated with the payment gateway.
  • View all the room details of the club and book rooms as per availability through an app or website.
  • View all the bill details of the bar, restaurant, booking and recharge history, etc.
  • View card deduction details.

    For the Club Managers

  • Manage room charges easily and efficiently.
  • Send push notifications to the members of the club.
  • Upload a photo gallery of events organized in the club.
  • Manage or maintain a member directory to get information about other members of the club.

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