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Cyber Institute Manager is a cloud-based LMS system that enables the creation, management, and delivery of learning programs online.

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A Powerful Platform to handle large-scale social learning

Cyber Institute Manager is a cloud-based LMS system that enables the creation, management and delivery of learning programs online. The easy-to-use interface allows for management of all facets of teaching and learning using a learning management system, including course design, course administration, live classrooms, tests and assessments, analytics, eCommerce, and mobile learning. Students may access a range of digital content on PCs and mobile devices thanks to the LMS system's simple customization and scaling options.

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Key Benefits

Enhanced user experience, improved accessibility and optimized utilization of the platform through robust analytics Cyber Institute Manager offers it all!

  • Consistent and flexible Easy to use, customized interface to deliver, track and automate your online learning
  • Unlimited amount of storage it does not place any restrictions on how many files can be hosted. Therefore, go ahead and post as much stuff as you like!
  • Adaptation to your IT environment Cyber Institute manager exchange data with your HR system, CRM and other back-office systems via APIs.
  • Assure data security Statistics, personal information, and all content are safely saved on servers. The IT safety laws are properly adhered to by Cyber Institute Manager.
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Discover Features/ Modules

Discover the range of powerful features that guarantee eLearning success.

User management module

Through the user management module, you can register learners' information (first name, last name, address, and current learning status), as well as configure their passwords and arrange their profiles as needed.

Reporting module

The reporting module, as its name implies, generates reports that summarise each learner's course activity data and their progress toward course completion. The analyzed report can be viewed by learners to help them identify their areas of training analyzing needs.

Course management module

Resources and activities are part of the course management module. SCORM files, PDFs, and Word documents are examples of resources, and the course administration module controls these resources. The system's administrator will be able to embed MP3 or MP4 files as well as YouTube videos. Activities include a discussion board, tests to assess students' knowledge, and certificates that students can obtain after finishing a course.

Role Management

Cyber institute manager features roles and permissions that allow each user profile, which includes roles for students, administrators, and instructors, to be customized within the system. You may build roles and assign them to users, including jobs like teaching assistant and other manager responsibilities.

Student module

Students have no trouble accessing the course they are expected to finish within the allotted time, after logging in. Similarly, students can return to an unfinished course with ease and pick up where they left off, rather than having to start from scratch.

Online tests and mock exams

Online testing with Cyber Institute Manager is reliable, flexible, interactive, and secure and can be accessed on a variety of devices. The three areas where the efforts are concentrated are acceptance testing, quality assurance testing, and engagement analytics. With Cyber Institute managers enhance learning opportunities and continually find the best way to evaluate online training.

Make inspiring online courses without limitations with Cybrain institute manager

    Payment gateway and shopping cart

  • Sell courses easily and receive payments from buyers through a payment gateway integrated with a shopping cart.
  • Focus Mode

  • Learners benefit from a distraction-free environment thanks to your own branded learning portal.
  • Drag and drop a course

  • Course design is a breeze thanks to the best course builder in the business.
  • Delivery of dynamic content

  • Lesson drip-feeding, seeing videos beforehand, linear and open advancement, etc.
  • Advanced Tests

  • Include custom messages, question banks, and different question kinds.

    Flexible requirements

  • Based on a list of requirements, restrict access to courses, lessons, and tests.
  • Conversational Forums

  • By including discussion forums tailored to the course, promote dialogue among students.
  • Course points

  • As students complete lessons, they are given points that can be used to unlock new content.
  • Leaderboards

  • Recognize and highlight the students who excel on quizzes in your courses.
  • Certificates & Badges

  • Give out official certificates for passing a test, finishing a class, or both.
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