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The range of services provided by Cybrain software solutions for KIPSQPG, a leading book publishing, and questionnaire generator portal, covers a full cycle of website development and maintenance, including product design, software architecture, software development, quality assurance, and implementation.

Using ASP.NET and SQL Server's cutting-edge technology, the experts have developed a query-optimized website that fixes data quality problems, data encryption segregation, and quality control. KIPS-specific features include school admin, faculty login, form management, edition, and deletion of books as per requirement. Because of the easy-to-use interface, excellent functionality, easy handling, and secure storage of loads of data, more than 6000 schools and 8 million students are using it today.

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Project Specification


Efficient Database

The system has a database of the question, so generating question papers are easier.

Query Optimization

Selected the most efficient means of executing a SQL statement.


Data Encryption, Segregation, and Access Control

Class and subject-wise books are allotted based on book series and can be edited, deleted, and marked active/inactive as well.

Admin Panel

Every school is provided with Admin access from there they manage employee/faculty logins. Admins can create classes, sections, books, and book series & assign books class-wise.

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