About Project

SanitizeKart is the leading online retailer providing a wide range of high-quality sanitization products and solutions. SantitizeKart mission is to make sanitization convenient, accessible, and affordable. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, they have the products and solutions to meet your sanitization needs.

Business Problems

  • Sanitizekart needs website to increase online presence
  • Industry requires the more brand awareness to get more customer attraction online
  • Needs online platform to sell the products with effective manner.
  • Wants to install the secure payment methods to manage online transaction.

Solutions We Provide

  • We built website and online platform by using WordPress, MySQL, jQuery
  • Platform allows to sell the products online and make it easy to place orders.
  • User can track the placed order effectively.
  • We integrate the payment gateway to secure the online products online.





Benefits & Impact

  • Allows to place the online orders easily.
  • Customers easily track their orders.
  • Payment gateway allows the user to make the payments on the go.
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