About Project

Pick Up Please is a free donation pick-up service that brings convenience right to your doorstep.With Pick Up Please, you can effortlessly declutter your home and contribute to a good cause without leaving your house. Pick up please team will come directly to your residence to pick up your used items, saving your time and effort.

Business Problems

  • Needs to integrate plugins to use zip code location.
  • Industry needs to embedded email for pickups and shipping.
  • Wants to make easier for user to schedule pickups for donations.
  • Require to streamline pickup task with accurate donations receipts.

Solutions We Provide

  • We Develop a Wordpress website by using MySQL, and jQuery.
  • Install the plugin on the website to donate pickup with the shipping zip code location.
  • Implemented Soap Web Services.
  • Embedded emails on successfully picking up donations.





Benefits & Impact

  • Allows users to update details of items and select the quantity & plan pickup accordingly.
  • Easy to track location for pickup with the help of zip code. Enable the user to save time & efforts effectively by the comfort of their home.
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