About Project

Leapwatersis an esteemed online learning platform for children, young adults, and teachers seeking productive and innovative courses. As their dedicated technology partner, we undertook the responsibility of managing their website addressing all technological challenges and ensuring seamless integration of essential tools and platforms.

Technical Problems

  • Leapwaters faced challenges in managing various technological aspects.
  • Website development, e-commerce, and integration with essential tools like Zoom.

Solutions We Provide

  • We handled all technical needs, setting up the LMS platform, and maintaining the website.
  • Developed a new wordpress website with cutting-edge UI/UX design.
  • Improved speed enhanced overall performance and customer engagement.
  • Built a robust e-commerce platform using WordPress.
  • Efficiently integrated Zoom to increase the platform's capability for educators to connect with learners and conduct online classes.
  • Implemented a seamless e-mail integration system to handle orders, queries, registrations, and other essential communication.





Benefits and Impact: Transforming Education Dynamics

  • The revamped website design and improved speed contributed to elevated performance.
  • The e-commerce platform in WordPress expanded Leapwaters' reach.
  • The integration of Zoom streamlined online teaching.
  • E-mail integration optimized communication channels.
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