About Project

HashStudioz is a leading provider of education management system solutions in the USA. With a primary focus on serving Columbia University and its partner institutions, HashStudio offers comprehensive management solutions tailored to the unique needs of colleges and universities.

Business Problems

  • Needs online platforms to enhance students engagements and communications.
  • Wants to streamline the administrative process with single platform.
  • Industry requires the online platform to manage daily tasks effectively.
  • Wants to access to the Ed management system via all browsers and app stores.

Solutions We Provide

  • We built the product in MERN, Docker, Socket.IO, and AWS services like ECS, SES, SNS, API Gateway, and Nest Js.
  • Added features like single sign-on, one-on-one chat, group messaging, and integrate with the application.
  • Allows students to access ed management system via all browser and apps.





Benefits & Impact

  • Improve students engagements effectively.
  • Enables students to access the platform with any browser.
  • Enhance students communications by using single platforms.
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