About Project

Gurukul Global School, founded in 2008, is nestled in the serene Shivalik foothills. Affiliated with CBSE, it offers a quality education in a picturesque environment.

Business Problems

  • The school needed a website and an online platform to manage their administration efficiently.
  • They had trouble in increasing their website visibility.
  • The school wanted to maintain and administer all of their activities online so that it would be quicker and easier to access from anywhere.

Solutions We Provide

  • We provided a comprehensive website development service, creating a professional and user-friendly website that effectively showcased the school and its services.
  • We implemented SEO strategies to improve web visibility, ensuring higher search engine rankings and increased online traffic.
  • Our customized Cyber School Management (CSM) platform streamlined administrative activities, including enrollment, fees, attendance, and academic records.





Benefits & Impact

  • User-friendly site developed with Codeigniter showcase school and services and Alumni portal with Laravel ,Html and Bootstrap, enhancing online presence for easier engagement with prospective students and parents.
  • Our SEO strategies optimized website to improved search engine rankings
  • Our customized Cyber School Management (CSM) platform simplifies administrative activities
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