About Project

Financial Dorey Modelling is a globally recognized Actuarial Technology (AcTech) company headquartered in Guernsey. Dorey offers a wide range of financial services to the different sectors. They provide cutting-edge actuarial science services that drive success for clients worldwide.

Business Problems

  • Wants to develop an admin panel to manage all the data online to save time and efforts.
  • Wants to improve overall customer experience by creating a customer panel to make the workflow smooth.
  • Find difficulty to access the customer's data such as discounts and subscription plans.
  • Wants to Enable better decision-making and improved business operations.

Solutions We Provide

  • We create an admin panel with Codeigniter, Jquery, and MySQL
  • Admin has provision to add discounts per organization with a valid period.
  • Admin can set subscription plans (add/edit/view).
  • Create multiple directory and admin can have the access edit/view/delete
  • Admin have provision to export the assumptions in both excel and CSV format.





Benefits & Impact

  • Simplifies the process of offering promotional pricing to attract more potential customers with discounts.
  • Admin panel offering to meet the varying needs of customers to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Admins can add, delete, archive, and duplicate directories or subdirectories, ensuring a streamlined workflow.
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