About Project

Digitech Technologies, a proprietorship firm led by Mr. Bhupesh Jain in Sangrur, Punjab, is a key player in the EdTech sector. As our esteemed channel partner, Digitech focuses on delivering IT solutions to over 25 schools in Punjab. Their flagship product, Cyber School Manager, white-labelled as Digitech serves as a comprehensive school management software with dedicated mobile apps for students, parents, and teachers.

Business Problems

  • Digitech faced challenges, particularly in onboarding low-budget schools.
  • They also encountered over-commitment in software customization.

Solutions We Provide

  • Our collaboration with Digitech introduced a white-labeled version of Cyber School Manager. This off-the-shelf product streamlines sales and marketing efforts.
  • It allowed individuals with influence in the education sector to establish their businesses with minimal investment and start generating revenue immediately.





Benefits & Impact

  • Digitech can efficiently collaborate with a diverse range of schools, irrespective of budget issues.
  • The white-labelled product simplifies the onboarding process and mitigates challenges related to software customization.
  • Individuals with industry influence can readily venture into the education sector. It accelerates business growth and revenue generation.
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