About Project

Cimeosil® Scar and Laser Gel Sheeting are specialized silicone-based products that are formulated to enhance the appearance of scars. They are particularly effective in improving the appearance of keloids and hypertrophic scars, which are characterized by their raised, red, and sometimes itchy and/or painful nature. These types of scars can result from surgical procedures or trauma to the skin.

Business Problems

  • Need for payment gateway integration for seamless online transactions.
  • Requirement for plugin customizations, such as UM members, to improve user experience.
  • Integration of plugin to facilitate the sale of products.

Solutions We Provide

  • We integrate payment gateway to ensure secure and smooth online transactions.
  • We customize plugins like UM members to improve user experience.
  • Our solution involves integrating the plugin to make product selling easy.
  • We developed the website with Flatsome theme and customized plugins like UM members, and integrated the plugin for selling products.





Benefits & Impact

  • Developed a website using WordPress, MySQL, and jQuery technology stacks.
  • Integrated a secure payment gateway to enable online transactions.
  • Enabled shopping cart facility for seamless purchase of medical products online.
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