About Project

Robby Glantz is a leading online platform dedicated to revolutionizing ice skating and hockey training. With over two decades of expertise, Robby Glantz, a renowned figure in the ice sports industry, offers a comprehensive range of instructional resources, training programs, and online courses designed to elevate the skills of ice skaters and hockey players of all levels.

Business Problems

  • Industry needs a website to showcase their products online.
  • Needs to integrate the Email plugin to updates players about latest news.
  • Requires a fast and secure payment gateway to handle online transaction.
  • Wants to increase the online brand visibility to give better customer experience.

Solutions We Provide

  • We built a website with php and wordpress.
  • Integrate paypal and payfast payment gateway for online transaction.
  • Develop admin panels for registration and payments.
  • Integrate the mailchimp to send email notifications to camp players.





Benefits & Impact

  • Online payment which can be done in instalments or partially.
  • Email and SMS allows camp players about camp updates and changes.
  • Easily shop online on just single click.
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