Engagement Models We Offer

Every model has advantages and disadvantages and is only effective in certain situations. However, in the IT industry, the most popular engagement models are: time and materials contracts, fixed bids, outstaffing and dedicated teams. We recommend that you analyze the specifics of your project as well as your company objectives before selecting any of the engagement types. If you are unsure, you may get advice from our experts, who can assist you in selecting the most cost-effective model.

Let’s have a look at these engagement models and comprehend how each one has its own benefits.

Predictable Budget Fixed Price Time and Material Dedicated Team
Quick Start
Predictable Budget
Predictable Budget predicted controllable controllable
Set Timelinest
Iterative process

Hire a Dedicated Team

Consider selecting a dedicated team if your project will take more than six months to complete and you need to keep knowledge within the team. This engagement model and Time & Materials are extremely similar in concept. The primary distinction is that a full-time staff member is assigned just to your project and does not work on projects for any other clients.

  • A thorough understanding of their system and its targets and objectives.
  • Knowledge of the project's risks and challenges.
  • Possess the adaptability to alter or expand the team members working on your projects.
  • Possess the specifications to change the final product at any stage of developmen.
  • Able to afford pricey development and, if necessary, hire qualified project managers.
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Pros Of The Hire Dedicated Team:

These are the advantages of using a dedicated team approach and hiring only developers for your project.

  • You are the Boss in Charge.
  • Changing Requirements
  • You choose the resources.
  • Risk Management in Saving Money
  • Greater Control

Cons Of The Hire Dedicated Team:

The disadvantages of the dedicated team model are now highlighted.

  • Changes in scope increase costs.
  • Cross-Collaboration is a Challenge
  • Gradual Learning and Adaptation Depending on Resource Quality


Before starting with a dedicated team model, you must provide a complete analysis of your project, including what you hope to accomplish, try, and test, how much money you have, and how long you expect to spend working on it.

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