About Project

KIPSQPG is a comprehensive portal for book publishing and generating question papers for schools. With over 8,000 schools and 6 million students connected to KIPS, it offers IT-related books at different grade levels. The platform allows for three levels of user access: Super Admin, School Admin, and faculty, and enables streamlined school registration management.

Business Problems

  • Managing and securing large amounts of data for 6,000 schools and 8 million students.
  • Maintaining software quality without interruption for such a large user base.
  • Ensuring efficient handling of data and system performance.

Solutions We Provide

  • Query optimization to improve the software's performance and handle large amounts of data.
  • Fixing data quality problems to ensure accuracy and reliability of data.
  • Implementing data encryption, segregation, and access control to enhance data security and prevent unauthorized access.





Benefits & Impact

  • Easier and efficient generation of question papers due to the system's database of questions, saving time and effort for teachers and administrators.
  • Improved organization and allocation of books based on class, subject, and book series, making it easier for teachers and students to access the right resources.
  • Increased flexibility in managing books, with the ability to edit, delete, and mark them as active or inactive, leading to better resource management and cost savings.
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