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World Vision International works to help the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and live a full life. Inspired by our Christian faith, they assist children from all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places. Together, they can protect children today while also empowering them for the future.AngularJs, Asp.Net MVC C#, Entity Framework, and SQL Server were the technologies we used to build the application that will be used by this company to manage office information across the globe. The software program we developed for World Vision International keeps track of real estate data such as rents paid for offices, vacant land, leaseholds, and buildings in various parts of the globe.

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Project Specification


System Saves Man Hours

We developed an application for World Vision International that tracks real estate data such as offices/raw land/leaseholds/building income and expenses in various locations around the world.


Supplier Details Track

We maintain a record of all suppliers for all properties in all locations.


Single System Insurance Details Inventory

For this organization, we created an application to manage office details globally. A single system capable of managing the insurance details inventory.


Location Tracking

Maintains a record of all suppliers for all properties in all locations.

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