About Project

World Vision International is dedicated to helping vulnerable children overcome poverty and lead fulfilling lives, irrespective of their background or location. Inspired by the Christian faith, they strive to protect children today and empower them for a better tomorrow. The project involved creating an application to efficiently manage real estate information globally, encompassing offices, raw land, leaseholds, and building income and expenses in various locations.

Business Problems

  • Lack of a unified system for managing real estate information.
  • Difficulty in tracking diverse properties such as offices, raw land, leaseholds, and buildings.
  • Supplier details management across different locations was challenging.
  • Time-consuming processes lead to a drain on manpower.

Solutions Provided

  • Developed a comprehensive application to manage real estate details worldwide.
  • Implemented features to track offices, raw land, leaseholds, and building income and expenses.
  • Integrated a system capable of handling insurance details and inventory.
  • Established a mechanism to track supplier details for properties across all locations.





Benefits & Impact

  • Provided a single platform to handle insurance details and inventory efficiently.
  • Enabled seamless tracking of supplier details for properties in diverse locations.
  • Significantly reduced man-hours through process optimization.
  • A centralized system led to cost-effective management of real estate information.
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