About Project

Ship IT operates multiple shipping stores in the USA, specializing in the shipment of trailers from one location to another. The Ship IT application was developed to facilitate the tracking of trailers from source to destination. It allows the admin to add trailers to the system and provides real-time tracking until they reach their destination.

Business Problems

  • Importing data from the old software to the new system.
  • Ensuring seamless adjustment of data to prevent mismatches.

Solutions Provided

  • We developed a comprehensive software solution that records each stage of the trailer's journey.
  • It ensured accurate tracking and management.





Benefits & Impact

  • Each person associated with a particular trailer is notified at every stage, ensuring streamlined communication.
  • The source and destination stores receive instant notifications when a trailer enters the system, improving coordination.
  • The system maintains a thorough history of each trailer, enhancing transparency and accountability.
  • The web application facilitates optimized tracking of trailers, including details such as customer name, broker name, and other relevant information.
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