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SEO Strategy 2020

Google has evolved in recent years to deliver a better context that helps its users to explore more relevant content. This change has led to a more competitive business environment for the year 2020. Have you ever wondered what has made and preserved popular brands maintain its status even during a state of vile competition?

Well, the SEO strategy takes the primary initiative in a process. One can achieve a high ranking for a business website only with a strong SEO strategy. When creating a business strategy, it is mandatory to keep in mind the 3 fundamental aspects. 

  • Focusing on the on-page SEO, that is, the content on your page and how to optimize it to rank eminent in search engines.
  • Centering the Off-page SEO that works for the links directed to the business website from the internet. All the backlinks and their publishers help to build credibility with search engines and hence a higher rank.
  • The architecture of your website which signifies Technical SEO.

Now, let us concentrate on how to build a strong SEO strategy.

Provide Users Search Intent

Google adheres to more than 200 ranking factors and, most of it concentrates on the valuable content that results in something useful to the user. In SEO terms, it’s known as “users search intent.”

To justify this factor, determine what you want to offer your audience, whether you are a seller or an entertainer if you are providing news, review, or research work. Determining these factors will simplify the process of a search for a user and you’ll be able to lead traffic easily to your website for being specific with your services.

Secondly, classify the target audience. What kind of traffic do you need for your website? Knowing this will lead you to the answers of ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘how’ to attain a necessary audience.

Keyword Selection

Identifying the phrases a user will be typing in the search bar while looking for your service is a Keyword selection. While identifying a keyword, remember that it should reflect your provided services.

Use SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, Keyword IO, etc to check the search volumes of keywords and choose the keyword with higher search volume.

One strategy is to use long-tail keywords. The study reveals that long-tail keywords have a 3-5% click-through valuation than nonexclusive keywords. The most beneficial thing about long-tail keywords is they have low competition and hence improve your chances of higher ranking for the keywords.

Keyword Research

High-quality Content

Provide high quality and helpful content for your audience. You may achieve this by concentrating on the primary purpose of a person searching for your service, providing achievable solutions, making the content visually appealing, and offering in-depth content. It will help you to involve your audience if you have a topic that brings you to their focus. So, With every blog post, you create, you hit a possibility to rank in search engines.

Have a Link Building Plan for Link-Building

Link-building is essential for off-page SEO. It applies to the process of bringing backlinks to your site from other sites on the internet. It will attract other bloggers and influencers to review your website, and they may even serve as a guest blogger. 

Link Building

Compress Media Before Uploading on Your Website

People appreciate visual content images infographics etc. Therefore, it is a very vital step to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy. These visuals work as an asset to increase SEO value and attract and retain the attention of your traffic.

Plan Technical Audits

Broken links, server errors, missing tags, and page access issues are some problems that can sway your audience to experience an unproductive visit. It is advisable to practice and conduct a technical audit on your site to assure that it is working optimally.

Analysis of Success

It takes time and effort to develop a successful SEO strategy. It is prudent to check for the progress of your rank. You can use metrics like organic traffic and page ranking to manage the performance of your SEO attempts.

SEO Success


People are known to the substitutes present online; it increases your competition. To gain plausibility, planning, and executing an SEO strategy is a great way to generate leads. As Google is initiating more effective optimizing software, you should also grow with the change and adapt new SEO techniques. 

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