Life At Cybrain!!!

As I am about to complete 3 years in Cybrain, I take this opportunity to share my views on my experience with Cybrain.

I consider my journey in Cybrain as a blessing or a life turning event. A great blessing at a time when I had lost all hopes of getting back to my IT career. It all happened when I was on a career break( longer than I had anticipated) with 2 kids.

The opportunity came knocking my way at the least expected time. I grasped it and made use of it to grow or in better words was given the freedom and scope to grow, and in the process gain back my self-esteem and dignity.

My profile was of QA lead after a career break of nearly 7 years, but the comfort and space that I got to work made it very easy for me to overcome this challenge. Many hidden skills were identified and encouraged, I got to know myself better, YES!! I got to know a hidden me. 

Got a lot of opportunities to interact with people of different cultural and regional backgrounds and in the process learnt about new festivals, started to understand new languages and improve my communication skills. 

The trust and confidence put on me make me work harder and do more in return. Working from the remote location and getting due respect and recognition is a privilege. To top it all was awarded “Best Employee 2019” as recognition for my effort and dedication.

Not all was hale and hearty, there were times when I made mistakes and blunders and was reprimanded, and was criticized in front of the team and clients. But even in those times, I could express my views and that was respected and accepted. Every mistake is a learning or that’s how I handle it.

I had more to gain than complain.

My future in Cybrain is something I am working on. As my current designation stands for, I want to grow as an Operations manager able to handle the project management and people management with equal weightage, as there is a lot of scope to explore, learn and implement our ideas and learnings. 

I see myself growing with Cybrain, handling an office of 100+ employees with an established process and procedures being followed.

Name – Anina Theodore

Designation – Operations Manager

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