Five Significant SEO optimization strategy you cannot afford to ignore

Five Significant SEO Optimization Strategies You Cannot Afford to Ignore.

When working on SEO, it is necessary to have patience- it is a time-consuming process as google has over 200 factors to review each update. 

To begin with, understanding factors that influence your position in search results is fundamental to help you start auditing your website, Reoptimizing your content on the basis of quality, and getting your website to the top of search results now, versus later. 

Therefore we have compiled the five most important SEO factors for you:

Responsive  Design 

Your website should be responsive to all technical devices. It is one of the main features to determine your rank on any search engine.

SEO optimization strategy

 It is because search engines like Google use a mobile-first index, which suggests its crawlers view your site from the view of a mobile user, versus a desktop user.

If your website crashes on mobile, then it’s going to fail your efforts when it comes to search ranking factors related to usability and accessibility. 

Page speed 

Speed of your website is another factor that determines your SEO Ranking.

Besides the crawling and viewing of the site from a mobile perspective, Google will also check the speed of your mobile or responsive website. 

Page Speed

If your site isn’t adequately fast, it badly affects first-page rankings or even the first spot in search results. Examine your website’s responsive speed cost-free at Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to see how your pages perform according to Google’s eyes. If you don’t have the means to follow-up with all the fixes recommended by Google, you can also lean towards page speed optimization services to get your site up-to-speed. 


It is necessary to create Links, from backlinks to internal links to increase the engagement on your website. 


In comparison to other search engine ranking factors, backlinks are one of the most essential to bring traffic to your website. You should have trusted and authoritative websites to be linked to yours because it sends a positive signal to Google that your website contributes valuable content and excellent experiences to the visitors. 

Creating links will increase your credibility by attracting viewers to your site who value the quality content. 

Internal links can also aid crawlers to understand the different connections between pages, as well as the context of different pages.

On- page optimization

SEO optimization consists of multiple factors like Keyword use, Title tag optimization, Content originality and usefulness, Multimedia optimization, and many more.

On Page SEO

From consolidating your keywords throughout your content, headers, and title tags to optimizing images for context, size, and users, on-page optimization demands several essential steps and Following these steps is so crucial that if you miss one out of these, the entire strategy fails.


Accessibility SEO

Google Crawling and indexing processing on sites are responsible for your rank of search engines. Hence, it is essential to maintain an easily accessible website through a robots.txt file and sitemap. Even after confirming your site’s accessibility, you can take the ardent step of presenting your site, pages, and sitemap to Google via Google Search Console.

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