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Mind Tree Group of Schools

Mind Tree School is an English medium progressive co-educational school affiliated with the CBSE. With the sole aim of spreading education and building a strong foundation for our young ones, it is a perfect place to develop the heart, mind, and soul of a child. It is an institution backed by a vast experience of almost two decades in educational administration.

Using PHP, HTML, and CSS, we have developed a responsive website for the school. Experts at Cybrain software solution also handle school administration through cyber school manager

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Project Specification


Responsive Website

Users don't need to manually resize anything to view content because the website loads swiftly and without any distortions.


Speed & Price

The average page load time, which was previously 2 minutes, is now under 2 seconds. 90% of the cost of hosting and maintenance was saved.



Cyber school manager managed the framework, program, syllabus, and communications of the school, as well as providing powerful reporting and analysis to track all activities.


Scalability & Dependability

A modular system architecture and a highly scalable database design are prepared to satisfy future needs.

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